July 27, 2014


Hiking Snoqualmie Falls

We've had the opportunity to visit one of our favorite Washington waterfalls, Snoqualmie Falls, a few times now, but had never been to it's base. So, when our cousins called and invited us out to take a hike down the falls with them, how could we say no?

We coordinated and set out from Seattle over the weekend to drive the 30 minutes it takes to get to the falls in Snoqualmie, Washington. Along the way I was reminded of how fortunate we are to be living in a region that allows us to be in the city one moment, then in the heart of a forest, at the top of a 250+ foot waterfall the next.

I mentally added this to the ever growing list of things I love about the Northwest, as we admired the scenery from the top of the falls. Then, we set off on the hiking path down to the riverside.

It was an easy trek down on a soft trail, so we stopped off at a few viewpoints to take the scenery in and take photos. After double checking that the Snoqualmie River wasn't rising, we continued on, working our way through some trees and over some large rocks and boulders, down to the base of the waterfall.

It was so inspiring and humbling, to be so close to such a strong force of nature.

We spent some time there, exploring around the boulders and taking in the scenery while enjoying the mist from the falls on a cool, overcast day.

It was so hard to leave, and we were so moved by our visit that we're already planning our next adventure to the peninsula to hike some of the waterfalls along Washington's Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail.

Looking forward to sharing another one of our adventures with you soon.

July 20, 2014


Going Home to Wallingford

It has now been a year since Ryan and I came to Seattle to explore and make a home in the Northwest together, and I can't believe how quickly that time has passed! Over the last year, we have come to the realization that the definition of "home" isn't a place to us, rather, a feeling and time spent being with each other.  With that in mind, we said goodbye to our first home in the Northwest and began searching for a new place to go home to.
With the addition of Olive to our family, we were looking for a home that was within walking distance to a park and hiking trails that we'd have easy access to. 

Although we loved the quiet suburban neighborhood we had lived in the first year that we were here, we were also looking for a place closer to the city, which would make for a shorter commute to and from work, leaving us with more time to spend together and out doing the things we loved.

After researching and visiting spaces throughout Seattle, we found the perfect place for us that had a mix of suburban neighborhood and city living. A charming neighborhood in north central Seattle: Wallingford

Within a day, we had found a new home in a building in downtown Wallingford and had toured the loft. A week later, we had our keys and were moving in.

We are now approaching the end of our first month here in Wallingford, and we are so happy with our decision. We are able to spend twice as much time with Olive who loves our new home and has already made friends with a handful of pups and people, and we are so close to the heart of Seattle that we can explore a different part of the city every day. 

Since we've been living in Wallingford, we've come up with at least one thing every day that we've found we love about being in this historic Seattle neighborhood together.

Stay tuned for our next adventure! 

We look forward to sharing more of our explorations of the city again soon.
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