December 29, 2014


State Necklace Set

Hi there! How was your holiday weekend?

We had a nice quiet Christmas weekend together at home, first catching up with friends and family over Skype, then making new recipes and starting our own Christmas traditions as a family of three.

Although we love being able to do these things, it's nice to still feel connected with our families who live across the country during the holiday season. That's why I was elated this Christmas to find that my parents had sent me the most precious gift: a state necklace set to help us feel more connected!

The states were hand picked by my parents, who found them at Pick Your Plum

They represent the last three states that we've lived in and are where my parents, siblings and husband's family currently reside (Arizona, California and Indiana).

So, when I'm missing family, these necklaces will help me feel just a little more connected to them, even if we're many miles away.

The necklace set also inspired me to create this graphic.

 I plan on printing it out and displaying it on our family photo wall!

What do you think? 

How do you stay connected with loved ones across the country?

Share your stories with us in the comments below!

December 13, 2014


Winter in Washington

Since I grew up in a Midwest winter wonderland, it doesn't ever officially feel like winter or the holiday season to me until the first snow has fallen.

Thankfully, a few days after Thanksgiving, winter came to the Northwest early and Washington gave us snow! 

Even though the snow in Seattle never seems to stick around for long because of our temperate climate, it stayed on the ground long enough this year to put us in the Christmas spirit.

How are you making the most of your winter?

We will continue to celebrate this holiday season by breaking out our bakeware and family recipes to make Christmas cookies this weekend.

Check back soon for recipes!

December 8, 2014


Back to Our Desert Home

The holiday season is here and is best spent with family... So we recently packed up our bags and headed back for a visit to our desert home in the Southwest over Thanksgiving!

It's always nice for us to be back in the desert and to be surrounded by family, friends and familiarity - all things that we've missed the most as we make a home here in the Northwest.

So, instead of going on an adventure, we took a break this trip and simply spent a relaxing time in my husband's home state of Arizona visiting with loved ones and soaking up the sunshine.

Here are some photos from our time there:

I wish I had more to share with you from our visit back to the Southwest, but we had such a great time with our family and friends that we enjoyed the moments, rather than stopping to capture them all.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and be sure to look for a new post again soon!

We will be back home here in the Northwest for the rest of the holiday season, so more adventures will be on the way...

Until next time.
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