May 26, 2015


On the Road Again

We have an announcement.

A week ago, we began a great road trip across the U.S. spanning over 2,500 miles and 10 states, and for a good reason – we're moving!

It was bittersweet to leave the Northwest, but I am ecstatic to be just a drive away from my parents now, and my husband has accepted an incredible opportunity in the public sector of his field.

We will be making Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania our new home, and couldn't be more excited!

We have a lot to do this week, including settling into a new house and getting to know our new city. I will, of course, blog when I find some time, but you can always follow my Instagram for more frequent updates on our lives in the Mid-Atlantic.

Also, if anyone has any thoughts on a new blog name for us, I'd love to hear it, considering we are no longer newlyweds, nor living in the the Northwest...

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

May 23, 2015


Strength in the Desert

Sometimes life brings you the most unexpected changes...

But I like to believe that these changes are meant to help you find your strength, so that you can emerge much stronger and wiser from the experience than ever before.

I found my strength in the Arizona desert this month, where I spent most of May surrounded by family, who came together to support and care for my grandfather, whose health was ailing.

Grandpa has now passed, and although I am heartbroken, I am also grateful that I was surrounded by his love and was able to spend as much time with him and my family as I could, during this time.

My grandfather, William C. Cole, would have been 87 this year. He was a beloved husband to my grandmother for 67 years, a father, grandfather, great and great-great grandfather whose family meant everything to him.

He and my grandmother were an inspiration to me, and I will always remember how Grandpa's compassion, strength and will in life were unparalleled.

He constantly reminded me that the best things in life are the people you love, the places you've been and the memories you've made along the way, and I hope to take that lesson with me and pass it down to the family that Ryan and I will create some day.

I'm sharing these photos that I took during my time spent back home with my grandfather, because the Arizona desert reminds me of his strength and resilience, and of his love for exploring nature.

I won't say "goodbye" to you, Grandpa, but rather, "I'll miss you until I can see you again." I love you always.

- Your Grandgirl

May 1, 2015


Daytrip to Big Four Ice Caves

After I spent most of the month of April visiting with family and traveling across the Midwest, I dove headfirst back into our lives and routine here in the Northwest when I returned from my trip.

Before I knew it, I found myself in the last weekend of April and realized that we hadn't taken the time to explore anything here in the Northwest in the past month.

So, on the last sunny spring morning of April, we took off on a daytrip to a place that has been on our Washington State bucket list since we arrived here: The Big Four Ice Caves.

The ice caves are located at Big Four Mountain in the North Cascades, and have been formed from an avalanche debris pile at the bottom of the mountain. The ice and snow remains there year-round because of the shade provided by the mountain. 

We were also told that the ice forms the lowest-elevation glacier in the lower 49 states... which we thought was incredible and couldn't wait to get to explore!

After a short drive from Seattle to the Cascades, then a quick mile or two hike, we had arrived.

We had an incredible time hiking around Big Four Mountain and the Ice Caves. It is such a unique experience, and a place that I can't believe we waited so long to visit!

We have a lot that will be going on in this next month, of which I will be writing more about soon...

But expect to see many more adventures posted here this May!
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