August 24, 2015


5 Summer Essentials

This week, the summer temperatures have finally started to cool down in the Mid-Atlantic and although I'm looking forward to fall, boots and hot coffee, I'm going to miss the ease of summer style.

Here are 5 Summer Essentials that I'm going to miss wearing the most as we transition into fall:

1. Dark Oversized Sunglasses: Target | 2. Classic Silver Earrings and Cuff: Charming Charlie | 3. Black Cover-Up: (Sold out, similar here at Express) | 4. Black Romper: Forever 21 | 5. Silver Strap Sandals: Target

Dark Oversized Sunglasses: I love the simplicity and retro look of these black sunglasses. They go with absolutely anything!

Classic Silver Earrings and Cuff: This collection is perfect for anyone who loves timeless pieces like me. The combination will always be in style, but their cooler tones are perfect to wear over the summer.

Black Cover-Up: The summer heat calls for AC which often leaves me chilled, so I always have a cover-up with me. This cover-up is my favorite because it is comfortable and light-weight, and it has an open-front that doesn't hide the rest of your style while wearing it.

Black Romper: Rompers are perfect for summer days, and I love this one for it's chic and effortless look!

Silver Strap Sandals: I'm always looking for a simple sandal to pair with my summer outfits, and these ones were the best choice I've made this season. They're classic and delicate, but comfortable enough to wear out all day.

What styles were essential to your summer look this season?

August 15, 2015


A Few of My Favorite Things in the Midwest

This weekend, we decided to escape the summer heat in the Mid-Atlantic and take a roadtrip to the Midwest to cool off and enjoy a few of my favorite things: adventures, family and fun.

We spent the weekend adventuring with my family – taking backroads and finding waterfalls around the Midwest – and then had the opportunity to have fun antiquing through some of America's most charming small towns.

It's always nice to leave the city and have a weekend getaway, and we're fortunate to be able to be just a drive away from the Midwest and many other places now that we're living in Pittsburgh.

We're looking forward to continuing to explore the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest together on the weekends, and would love to connect with you to hear where you think we should go next. 

Share your suggestions with me on Facebook or Instagram!

August 5, 2015


The Beginner's Guide to Pittsburgh | Part 2

As I mentioned in The Beginner's Guide to Pittsburgh, we have had so many great experiences since we moved to the City of Bridges that we wanted to create a guide that would give you the opportunity to share these experiences with us.

These guides will include places to go, places to see and places to eat in Pittsburgh, and I will continue to update them as we explore the city.

We are so excited to create these guides for you and to share how incredible of a place Pittsburgh is to call home! Here is our Beginner's Guide to Pittsburgh | Part 2:

Go: The Strip District

One of the city's most visited neighborhoods, the Strip District (named for it's narrow "strip" of land between the Allegheny River and a hill in downtown) is a great place to see what Pittsburgh is all about.

The former home to company factories like that of the The H.J. Heinz Company, the Strip District was renovated to hold boutiques, markets, shops and restaurants that maintain the authentic and historic architecture that Pittsburgh is known for.

The district is Pittsburgh's favorite place to be in the summer – and now ours, too – with its niche boutiques, ethnic markets and the best and freshest food in the city.

See: Pittsburgh Public Market

Though it will never take the place of our beloved Pike Place Market, exploring Pittsburgh's Public Market is a nice way to spend a Saturday. 

With it's distinctive merchants and local artist gallery, it is a fun place to enjoy some local coffee and pastries, see some beautiful art, then pick up something sweet or savory to take home.

We personally loved the market's seasonal vendors and were able to try too many delicious samples before deciding which sweets we wanted to bring home.

Eat: Anything at The Strip

It was far too difficult to choose one place to eat in a place that is known as "foodie heaven."

Whether you choose to have samples from the market, to eat street food or dine in a restaurant, you really can't go wrong here.

We've used the Neighbors in the Strip's "Guide to Dining" before each of our visits to The Strip – it has over four pages of food options to choose from – and it hasn't recommended anything unsatisfactory yet!

Thank you for following along with us as we explore Pittsburgh!

We will be spending some time in Oakland soon, so come back for a new blog about our travels there and another Beginner's Guide to Pittsburgh then.
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