December 24, 2016


Burm Family Christmas Card and Year in Review

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to our family and friends!

In years past, we've posted both our family Christmas card and a family year in review blog, but 2016 went by so fast with us primarily focused on Baby Burm and our pregnancy and travels, that we thought we'd combine the two this year.

We hope that you all have a great time celebrating the holidays and are wishing you a Merry Christmas – from our family to yours!

We are thankful that Vistaprint let us design our own Christmas card with their support this year, and that they also provided us with custom envelopes!

We designed our own infographic to illustrate what our year was like in 2016, below.

We hope that your year was as fun-filled as ours!

December 18, 2016


25 Week Bumpdate

Christmas is almost here, we're now more than 6 months pregnant and we can't believe how quickly this time has passed!

We become more excited every day to be closer to meeting Baby Burm, but this week, with the arrival of her crib and these nursery frames, it's really beginning to dawn on us that she'll also be arriving and filling out our family so very soon.

We can't wait to be her parents, but until then, we'll continue to enjoy our time preparing for her and the time we spend together as a family of three.

Nursery Crib: Union
Nursery Lamp and Pillows: Kirkland's

Nursery Print: TypoHouse

25 Week Bumpdate

Baby Size: Approximately the size of a cauliflower!

Clothes: It felt as though this week was the week that my bump turned into a belly, and now that it only continues to grow, I've primarily been wearing maternity clothing lines like Gap Maternity – and am feeling so much more comfortable now.

Gender: Girl! We still can't believe how fortunate we are to get to be parents to this sweet girl. We have had her name selected for the past decade that we've been together, and we'll be excited to share it with you after she's born.

Mood: Ready to enjoy the next 15 weeks or so that we have until we meet our baby girl, and ready to begin nesting and preparing a nursery for her now.

Movement: I've been feeling her move non-stop after I've eaten and throughout certain periods of the day and night – she still appears to be a night owl like her Dad!

Sick or Queasy: Yes, I've accepted that I am one of the unlucky mothers who has nausea up to the third trimester, but I remain faithful that this will soon pass.

Sleep: I’m continuing to sleep less and less throughout the night due to her activity and my bathroom breaks, so I'm taking naps whenever I can get them!

Symptoms: My appetite has really increased this week, with cravings for green vegetables like brussel sprouts, green beans and salads.

Wedding Rings: On!

What I Miss: Being comfortable napping on the couch and sleeping on my back.

November 30, 2016


It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas in the Mid-Atlantic

After traveling back to our desert home in Phoenix for the Thanksgiving holiday and spending time with family and friends in the sun for the week, we recently came back home to snow in the Mid-Atlantic.

It didn't stay around for too long, but that first snowfall was enough to get us in the spirit for the holidays! We decided to make the most of it and head out both to find a Christmas tree and take a winter hike in the snow.

Gloves: L.L. Bean

Sweater: Matty M

Having a few days in the snow also gave us the opportunity to start cozying up our home for the holidays and really sent me into Baby Burm nesting mode – we'll be sure to share photos of both those events soon!

How are you getting in the spirit for the holidays? Share your stories with us in the comments below, or on my Facebook or Instagram.

November 13, 2016


20 Week Bumpdate | It's a Girl!

This week's post is a special one for us, because this week marked the halfway point of our pregnancy, and because we were also able to confirm what we're expecting – a baby girl!

We are so excited to have the opportunity to be parents to the sweet girl that will soon be joining our family.

We can't wait to meet you and love you so much already, baby girl Burm!

20 Week Bumpdate

Baby Size: Approximately the size of a banana!

Clothes: It's getting chilly outside now that it's November, so I've been getting away with wearing cozy shirts and sweaters, but have also added maternity jeans and pants to the collection now.

Gender: It's a girl! We can't believe how fortunate we are to get to be parents to this sweet girl. We waited until our 20 week ultrasound this week to see our baby again and confirm her gender, and still can't believe our luck!

Mood: Anxious to get through these next 20 weeks so we can meet our baby girl. Although we're very much looking forward to the spring, I'm also trying to revel in these sweet moments that are happening now.

Movement: I've been feeling movements and pressure over the past few weeks, but no kicks or punches just yet!

Sick or Queasy: Yes, the nausea is still unfortunately hanging around, but there has been some marked improvement over the last week.

Sleep: I’m sleeping less through the night, because that's when baby girl is most active (must be a night owl like her Dad!) but am enjoying every wink of sleep I can get.

Symptoms: My appetite and energy are both back this week, and it's incredible feeling like me again!

Wedding Rings: On.

What I Miss: Drinking apple cider, coffee and tea this time of year – I usually love having these toasty and warm drinks all day in the fall and winter, but am limiting the caffeine as much as possible now.

October 21, 2016


Fall at Soergel Orchards

Fall is our favorite season, so a few weeks ago, on the first cool weekend of October, we headed out to celebrate at Soergel Orchards' pumpkin patch!

My family has many fall traditions, and one of our favorite activities is bundling up and heading out to make memories at the pumpkin patch each year.

We usually have apple cider and/or donuts in hand as we take a hayride to the pumpkin patch, so that we can pick our favorite pumpkins and have them back home to carve or decorate by the time evening comes.

We were thrilled to find that Soergel Orchards offered all that and more – including apple orchard picking, a corn stalk maze and pumpkin painting. We only wish that we had more time to participate in it all, especially since I'm moving a little slower than usual these days.

We loved spending the day at the pumpkin patch and tried to limit ourselves to only 10 gourds and pumpkins this year, although I wholeheartedly believe that you can never have too many pumpkins. 

We are now counting down the days until Halloween – only 10 more days to go! 

Until then!

October 8, 2016


15 Week Bumpdate

This week's post is a week behind schedule, but I wanted to share our 15 week bumpdate today – both for our own memories, and for our family and friends who live across the country.

Thank you all for following along with this new voyage of ours!

We're looking forward to sharing these monthly bumpdates with you as we countdown to Baby Burm's arrival.

15 Week Bumpdate

Baby Size: Approximately an avocado! (We're measuring 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule right now).

Clothes: I have been wearing my belly band with my regular pants thus far, but recently found that maternity dresses and pants are much more comfortable, so I am beginning to add them to my collection now as well.

Gender: I’ll be happy either way, but for now we're just enjoying guessing and hearing all the old wives tales about gender. We've heard our baby's heartbeat multiple times now, and keep being told that if the tales are to be believed, it's indicative of a boy. We'll just have to wait and see!

Mood: Grateful and honestly, so very happy. I’m thankful the baby is healthy and that despite our infertility, nothing has affected our pregnancy so far.

Movement: I don't think I’ve felt any solid movement, but I have felt some quickening in the last week. We can't wait to feel our baby!

Sick or Queasy: Yes, the nausea has now followed me into my second trimester... But thankfully, my doctor was able to prescribe me with Diclegis, which has completely changed this pregnancy for the better.

Sleep: Has been great, thus far! I’m still sleeping through the night, despite my bathroom breaks.

Symptoms: My appetite and energy are reemerging now, and I'm so very thankful for that. We were able to visit Soergel Orchards' pumpkin patch this weekend (blog to come soon), and couldn't help but wish the baby were here with us already so we could all take part in our favorite activities of the season.

Wedding Rings: On!

What I Miss: Sleeping comfortably on my stomach in bed.

September 30, 2016


Back to Our Northwest Home

This week, after a year of having been away, we went back to our Northwest home for a business trip and visit!

We were so excited to have the opportunity to visit Seattle and the Northwest again, as it was difficult for us to leave last year, and it is still where we feel most at home.

I was able to enjoy my week there reporting to my corporate office at work instead of working remotely, and my husband was able to travel alongside me (and help keep me on the right schedule in between bouts of nausea).

We ate our favorite foods, saw our family and friends, and visited our favorite spots in the city when I was off the clock.

We were also fortunate enough to have the time for dinner at Lowell's – in Pike Place Market – on our last day back home. While we were eating there and looking out at the Sound, we had the great idea to take another ferry ride to Bainbridge Island for old times' sake.

We enjoyed the most beautiful views of the city from the ferry that evening, but it only made it that much more difficult to leave the Northwest over the weekend.

While we were happy to be reunited again with Olive this week, we were also reminded of how much we still love our Northwest home and how we can't wait to be back there someday soon... Until then, Seattle!

September 17, 2016


Announcing Baby Burm

Today, we're sharing the reason why we haven't been writing as of late...

After a decade spent traveling together, we are excited to prepare for a new voyage next year – our greatest one yet – parenthood!

Baby Burm is expected to arrive in March 2017, and we can't begin to describe how grateful and happy we are to have the opportunity to be parents to this babe.

We were thrilled to find out that we were expecting this summer, after being diagnosed with infertility. That being said, we are especially thankful for our doctors, family and friends who we have relied on, and who have supported us through this journey over the last year!

We thank you all for your outpouring of love and support, and for allowing us to share this new voyage with you.

We know that the best is yet to come!

July 29, 2016


Summer in the City

Dave Dicello/Dave Dicello Photography

July tends to be the hottest month in the Mid-Atlantic, and sometimes, the heat and humidity here can be exhausting.

Whenever that happens, we spend our weekends exploring the city around us – where we know we can stay cool.

This summer, it seems like that's what we've been doing the most, given the series of heat waves that have hit the state this year.

Thankfully, there have been a lot of events here this July – from art shows to music festivals – so we've still been able to make the most of this hot summer in the city.

This is what our July has looked like thus far:

Boy and Bear | Caitlin Burm/Burm Voyage

Guster | Caitlin Burm/Burm Voyage

Lucius | Caitlin Burm/Burm Voyage

How have you been staying cool and what has your summer in the city looked like? Share your stories with us in the comments below, or on my Facebook or Instagram.
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