July 29, 2016


Summer in the City

Dave Dicello/Dave Dicello Photography

July tends to be the hottest month in the Mid-Atlantic, and sometimes, the heat and humidity here can be exhausting.

Whenever that happens, we spend our weekends exploring the city around us – where we know we can stay cool.

This summer, it seems like that's what we've been doing the most, given the series of heat waves that have hit the state this year.

Thankfully, there have been a lot of events here this July – from art shows to music festivals – so we've still been able to make the most of this hot summer in the city.

This is what our July has looked like thus far:

Boy and Bear | Caitlin Burm/Burm Voyage

Guster | Caitlin Burm/Burm Voyage

Lucius | Caitlin Burm/Burm Voyage

How have you been staying cool and what has your summer in the city looked like? Share your stories with us in the comments below, or on my Facebook or Instagram.

July 10, 2016


Must-See Mid-Atlantic State Parks

This past month has been filled with explorations across the Mid-Atlantic and visits with family – so I apologize for the recent silence – but we are back today with a list of must-see Mid-Atlantic state parks and trails!

Summer is the perfect time to get out and see beautiful and historic landmarks, and the Mid-Atlantic is a great place to do it, because of its central location to the Midwest, Northeast and Southeastern U.S.

Below, we will highlight 5 must-see Mid-Atlantic State and National Parks and trails to visit, if you have the opportunity. We hope you have a great summer exploring!

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5 Must-See Mid-Atlantic State Parks and Trails

  1. Gettysburg National Park: Gettysburg features more than just battlefield and Civil War history if you aren't into that sort of thing. The borough also offers beautiful views of rolling hills and other parks and sites, like President Eisenhower's home and the Sachs Covered Bridge. Learn more about our visit to Gettysburg, and plan your visit here.
  2. Great Allegheny Passage: The Great Allegheny Passage is an incredible rail trail that offers 150 miles of biking and hiking from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Cumberland, Maryland. We discovered it last summer when we were first exploring the city, and have now biked the trail around McKeesport, Ohiopyle and Pittsburgh, but have a little more training to do before we attempt the passage. Learn more about visiting other parts of the passage, here.
  3. McConnells Mill State Park: McConnells Mill State Park features over 2,500 acres of spectacular gorge which we were fortunate to have the opportunity to visit with family this past month. There are multiple trails to take, depending on your level of comfort hiking, but all offer beautiful whitewater views.Plan your visit here.
  4. Ohiopyle State Park: Ohiopyle State Park is the gateway to the Laurel Highlands, and offers rugged natural beauty and scenery, as well as many activities, like hiking, rail trail biking, white water rafting and more. Learn more about our visit to Ohiopyle, and plan your visit here.
  5. Presque Isle State Park: Presque Isle features beautiful seashore and scenery, as part of the sandy peninsula that arches into Great Lake Erie. We took the whole family for a visit last summer, as it is a dog-friendly state park, and we were all stunned by it's amazing coastline. Learn more about our visit to Presque Isle and plan your visit here.

What is your favorite state park to visit in the summer, and why is it your favorite? Share your stories with us in the comments below, or on my Facebook or Instagram.
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