Roselyn | One Month Old

April 23, 2017
Roselyn Josephine is now one month old!

When did that happen?

We still can't believe we're parents some days, yet at the same time, it feels like Roselyn's been a part of our family forever – it's difficult to put into words, but I know experienced parents understand what I mean!

We've adjusted to life and a routine with a newborn now, and although it has been both challenging and terrifying at times, it has also been the most rewarding thing we've done.

Roselyn | One Month Old

We've been fortunate to have Ryan home on paternity leave most of the month, but now that he's back at work, it's been great to set up my own routine with Roselyn as well. We've made a lot of progress this month and we'd like to remember a few of Roselyn's favorite things and "first" milestones, which we'll document here:

Size: She's 7.75 lbs., gaining 1 lb. a week and transferring from preemie to newborn clothing now! This is something we're extremely proud of, given her IUGR diagnosis.

Sleep: Roselyn's an active baby for an infant, so sleeping is her least favorite thing to do right now. We are happy if we get a full three hour nap in, so we're hoping to improve upon that in the months to come.

Things She Dislikes: Sleep – as aforementioned – and waiting more than a minute to nurse, which Ryan and I understand! We both share a certain emotional state when we're hungry that we seem to have passed on to her.

Things She Likes: Smiling – Roselyn is most often a happy baby who likes to smile and show off her dimples. She also loves being in our arms and within reach of her dog sister Olive, whom she finds fascinating.

Things We've Learned: How to change, clothe and ready her to nurse in a minute before she uses her voice to share her frustration with the situation as loudly as possible – apologies to anyone within earshot!

Milestone Blanket: BATZkids