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Springtime in the City

May 30, 2017

I've always considered fall and winter to be my favorite seasons, but ever since we had our spring baby, I've really enjoyed getting out and taking in all the beautiful sights and smells that come with this time of year.

Over the past two months that Roselyn has been home with us, we've slowly been building up our time spent outdoors to really enjoy a spring day outside with her – and we finally had the opportunity to experience springtime in the city with her over a perfect 70-degree weekend!

This is what our spring has looked like thus far:

Baby Blanket: Eddie Bauer
Baby Diaper Bag: Skip Hop
Baby Stroller: Britax
Baby Romper: Target

How has your springtime been? What has your season looked like? 

We'd love to hear your stories in the comments below, or on my Facebook or Instagram!

Roselyn | Two Months Old

May 24, 2017
Just like that, another month went by in the blink of an eye! We can't believe how quickly time has passed since Roselyn joined our family.

Roselyn | Two Months Old

This month:

Size: She's 9.5 lbs., 21" and growing! We went in for a checkup with her pediatrician to receive her first vaccinations and have never been more proud: she almost doubled her birth weight this month and handled her vaccines better than Mommy did (it was so hard to watch).

Sleep: Roselyn's sleeping longer stretches at night now, and although it still isn't her favorite, she's been giving us at least 3 naps a day. We're all much happier!

Things She Dislikes: This month, getting her shots at the pediatrician's office was what she disliked the most, but we're thankful that we have a month off now before we need to go back in for her second round of vaccinations.

Things She Likes: Bathtime and being loved on by Mom. Roselyn has always enjoyed the bath, but this month she's started cooing and smiling while we're cleaning her and she's splashing in the water. So cute! She also loves being kissed and tickled by Mom (she loves Dad too, but his beard is frustratingly scratchy).

Things We've Learned: How to make more time for family activities during the week or on the weekend. Now that we're sleeping more, it's getting simpler to make time for evenings at the park or nights out on walks as a family – Olive included! We're grateful for the time together and that summer will be here so we can spend more time on the patio soon.

Baby Headband: California Tot
Newborn Dress: Target
Milestone Blanket: BATZkids