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Roselyn | Three Months Old

June 30, 2017
We're now a week into Roselyn being three months old! Where has the time gone?

Roselyn | Three Months Old

This month:

Size: She's 11.5 lbs, 22" and we couldn't be more proud. This month, we went from celebrating Roselyn fitting into her one-to-three month onesies, to having her hit her three month growth spurt early and then suddenly having her not fit into those very same outfits she wore just weeks prior – what a month it's been.

Sleep: Rosie has been sleeping well for the last month now, but as soon as she hit her growth spurt this past week, we regressed back to waking up a few times a night. Thankfully, Dad and Roselyn have been letting Mom get a nap in when she can. When Mom's happy, everyone's happy!

Things She Dislikes: This month, being in the sun has been what Roselyn's disliked the most. We can usually manage the sunlight with a sunhat and sunshades – whether she's outdoors or in the carseat or stroller – but the second that direct sunlight hits her, she's an unhappy babe.

Things She Likes: Taking day trips with Dad and Mom! This month, we've enjoyed trips to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, PNC Park for our first Cubs game and to the University of Pittsburgh with family.

Things We've Learned: How to make Rosie giggle – and her laugh is so contagious! Roselyn learned how to giggle at Dad and Mom this week, and we all think it's the best thing ever.

Baby Romper: Baby Gap
Milestone Blanket: BATZkids

Our Anniversary

June 12, 2017

I cannot believe that I am celebrating 11 years spent with my best friend and husband today!

June 12 marks our 4-year wedding anniversary and the 11 years we've spent together, and I am so thankful for every minute I've had and every moment I've shared with him since 2006 – from highschool sweethearts, to husband and wife and now dad and mom.

Happy Anniversary, Ryan! I love you and can't wait to see where this voyage takes us next.

About Our Wedding:

Our beautiful wedding photos were taken by one of the most talented photographers, Valerie Bolitho, of Valerie Bolitho Photography. She made us feel so comfortable throughout the day and I would recommend her to any couple. You can view her blog about our wedding day here.

I also wouldn't have felt near as beautiful on my wedding day without the help of makeup artist Sandy Goldstein. She specializes in a wide variety of makeup, including airbrushing, which she used to make me picture perfect on the big day.

I'd highly recommend both women to engaged couples looking for bridal cosmetics or photography!