Roselyn | Four Months Old

July 31, 2017
We can't believe we've had four entire months (and one week) with our beautiful baby girl!

Roselyn | Four Months Old

This month:

Size: She's 13 lbs, 24" and growing fast! We started saving our favorite newborn to three-month-old outfits and onesies of hers this month because she's officially grown out of everything that we had purchased for her before she was born.You can bet that brought this Mom to tears!

Sleep: The first half of the month was difficult for all of us as we dealt with some sleep regression, but that suddenly changed one day when Roselyn lost her startle reflex. She's been on a great sleep schedule, smiling ever since and we couldn't be happier.

Things She Dislikes: This month, being separated from Mom is what Rosie has disliked the most, so she has been spending most of her time near me in her Baby Bjorn.

Things She Likes: Road trips with Dad and Mom! This month, we took our first roadtrip as a family to Grandpa Cole's, then traveled on to Philadelphia, Delaware and New Jersey. So all in all, Roselyn visited six states this month – not too bad for a 4-month-old!

Things We've Learned: We learned how to have a successful roadtrip with a baby after spending the last two weeks on the road. You can read more about our roadtrip and see our travel tips here.

Baby Headband: California Tot
Milestone Blanket: BATZkids