Roselyn | Five Months Old

August 31, 2017
Between our cross-country move and settling into our new home, I'm more than a few weeks late with this blog post (#MomLife). But we're happy to share what Roselyn's month has been like today!

Roselyn | Five Months Old

This month:

Size: She's 14.5 lbs, 24.5" and starting to outgrow her onesies after only wearing them once or twice. If anyone's found the secret to slowing down this time with your baby, please share it with us now!

Sleep: Our recent move unfortunately took us off the sleep schedule that we were on – and a three-hour time change with a five-month-old has not been fun – but we're slowly working our way back to where we once were.

Things She Dislikes: This month, teething has been what Rosie has disliked the most, so she has been spending a lot of time being comforted by Dad, Mom and plenty of teething toys.

Things She Likes: Reaching out for anything she can touch, rolling over and trying to sit and stand on her own constantly!

Things We've Learned: That although the days have been short and the nights have been long this month, the moments we've had and the memories we've been making are irreplaceable and unforgettable.

Baby Headband: California Tot
Baby Romper: OshKosh
Milestone Blanket: BATZkids